Why Do I Get Headaches When I Take Piracetam

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Is it just me, or do I get a headache when I take racetams?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you are not alone. Piracetam depletes your stores of acetylcholine..not that bad…but not that pleasant either, with the only side effect manifesting itself in the form of dull to moderate headaches. By taking a choline supplement (or adding more choline to your diet) not only will the headaches subside, but the racetam you are using will have an increased effect.

Here’s my suggestions for the best types of choline you can get to potentiate/reduce racetam headaches. headaches when I take Piracetam

In order of effectiveness:

Alpha GPC Choline ie: Alpha Brain

Because of the mixed ingredients, Alpha Brain is a nootropic all on its own, and when taken with Racetams, greatly potentiates their effects, increases safety, and reduces side effects. Sponsored heavily by Joe Rogan, and created in partnership with Onnit Labs, Alpha Brain is a moderately potent nootropic that is safe for everyday use, and mixes quite well with other nootropics.

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Choline is a nutrient found in numerous food items, including soybeans and eggs that are essential building blocks in the chemical balance of the brain. Choline is a component of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is vital to memory and attentiveness.

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Choline Bitartrate

Used for bodybuilding and to delay fatigue, helps you recover after workouts, and is chemically identical to the type of choline found in foods. Weaker than Alpha GPC, but stronger than the type in foods because of the added B vitamins. Not the strongest, but certainly the most cost effective source of choline when using it on the regular.


Eggs, Steak, Chicken etc. all are great sources of choline, and enough of them will make racetam headaches subside,and nootropics work more effectively.

Final Thoughts

Your future is bright, and through proper supplementation and usage of nootropics, you CAN reach your maximum potential. Keep your head up, and get on that choline!

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