Sprinters and Modafinil, Why Olympians Suddenly have Narcolepsy

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Why Sprinters Suddenly Have “Narcolepsy”, Modafinil on the Rise

Sprinters and Modafinil? Sprinters normally practice for long hours on the field to perfect their skills of running. They, therefore, tend to get tired easily and their body weakens, leading to total body fatigue during training. Excessive sleep might therefore occur, leading to the sprinter not practicing enough, him getting run down, and for those at the highest level of the sport, in need of a serious boost.  Modafinil has therefore emerged out to remedy the situation for many sprinters who experience these sleep cycle abnormalities with very few side effects attached.

More about Modafinil

Mechanism of Action of Modafinil

Extensive researches have not yielded any reliable information on its mechanism of action. It has, however, been seen that the drug elevates the histamine level in the hypothalamus that leads to its action in increasing wakefulness. It also impairs the reuptake of dopamine transporter leading to more levels of dopamine in the synaptic junctions. It also increases the production of hypo cretin hormones thus leading to well regulated sleep cycles.  Modafinil has also been suspected to stimulate adrenaline and other sympathetic nervous system aspects leading to actions of increasing body activity tolerance.

Uses of Modafinil

The drug is well known for its very few side effects after use, which are not life threatening. It can work well in neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, and bipolar depression. It can also be used in ADHD. This drug can also be used in stimulating, learning and memory enhancement, especially, by those who forget things quickly. It is also used in multiple sclerosis.

Dosage of Modafinil.

Dosage should be administered in the required therapeutic window to avoid serious side effects from occurring. The drug is very safe, if used properly, in the right quantities, at a specified age and the required dose. Note that the drug is fully contraindicated in people with cardiovascular diseases because it will further worsen the situation leading to medical emergencies. The required safe dose is 200mg per day and the dose should be reduced as the person continues to use the drug. Remember modanafil is very quick in action and therefore, should be used with care. Ask your doctor to examine you before taking the medicine.

Side effects of Modafinil.

The side effects are very few, and they are not severe that is why sprinters suddenly have “narcolepsy”, Modafinil on the rise. The side effects can be as well prevented by administering the right dose at the right person’s age. Back pain has been reported, although it does not persist for long after continued usage of the drug. Drowsiness and headache can be experienced at first if the person is starting to use the drug, due to exertion of its actions on the central nervous system. Swelling of the face can occur due to excess usage of the drug. It is therefore, recommended that you consume the drug in the right dosage.

The drug can lead to hypersensitivity, if the person is allergic to the drug. If this happens, the drug should be stopped immediately to avoid anaphylactic shock to the patient.

So why are they using it?

When you see that a sprinter has “narolepsy” that should signal bells to go off that something’s not entirely right. Sprinters have found that if they have narcolepsy (at least on paper) they can legally take Modafinil in competition, for fear from WADA’s perspective that they otherwise might flop on the track, or something excessive of the like. Let me put into perspective why sprinters suddenly have narcolepsy, because Modafinil makes you run faster, and pretty significantly at that. Modafinil is very similar to a stimulant, yet without many of the harsh side effects, it therefore adds a boost of dopamine and noreopiephrine to the body, giving a boost of energy and mental focus that no one else on the track (assuming they weren’t on PED’s) would compare to.

Final Thoughts

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