The Importance Of Drinking Water When Taking Adderall

Drinking Water Is Very Important!

Water habits are very important when taking Adderall, as getting enough fluids is the key to success whilst taking this. With this being said, I’m going to use this opener to heavily stray off topic. This blog post is a group of 50-100 Adderall blog post installments (not done with them yet I’ll let you know what it comes out to be if you sign-up for my email list.) This is for my new Adderall addiction memoir.

Now…back to the blog post for a bit before we get to the real meat of the writing here. Adderall, while you’re taking it, water is your best friend to be totally honest. Adderall is an amphetamine, and as such burns up dopamine, increases your heart rate, and while it’s stimulating excitement in your body and mind, it can cause really bad cotton mouth and causes you to need lots of fluids. If you’re sure to drink plenty of water while drinking this, you’ll do much better then if you don’t take care of yourself.

Because Adderall increases heart rate, it’s almost like you were working out while you’re taking the drug. You need to constantly replenish all of the fluids you’re losing from the extra stress. Adderall is also a diuretic, and can make your body temperature rise and can make you sweat like a pig while you’re taking it (you probably already know that if you’re reading this blog post…) just another reason water is so important.

The strength of your takings with this drug is directly correlated with how well you take care of yourself. Simple as that.

The Book

The bottom part of this post will focus on the issues that Adderall can cause while not drinking. Read the chapters though, it gives you a first-hand look at what Adderall addiction is like, and there’s plenty in there of me not being able to sleep. You’ll be able to read the next chapter at the link at the bottom of this blog post. You need a doctor’s prescription to get Adderall and even then don’t take it as it’s very dangerous.

Chapter 4 Continued

“Alright well I’m done, see ya I guess,” I said to my father, trying to properly close out the conversation and prevent any further meaningless belittling of me. “Why didn’t you eat that sandwich, nice, go and waste more food why don’t you. Did you pay for that, no you didn’t, I did, ME.” I tried to keep my anger at a standstill, but it became harder to control as my fists tightened and I made direct eye contact with him, backing away in the kitchen to clean up my spot. “Don’t punch him, James, don’t punch him, be strong.” “Dad, it’s fine, it’s just a little sandwich.”

My father shook his head and gave a sarcastic, evil kind of smile “how am I going to send you to college with that attitude, what are you gonna do then huh, when you’re alone, and you don’t have me to babysit you.” And there it was; the one comment that made me impulsive, angry and, sick to my stomach. The thought that I could get straight A’s, perfect SAT scores, and be in the top ten percent of my class, but that I had a lunatic with his hand on the horrid red button on my education and my future career.

I walked away, sickened by my father’s actions and angered to my furthest extent. As calm a person as I was, my father was the only person in the world I could ever truly get angry at. Normally, I could forgive, I could let it go immediately if my brother pushed me or my mother nagged me constantly. I gave my father no respect; no leeway on his unjustified and idiotic actions. I sat on the floor of my room pulling on my long bangs that were now heavily drenched with sweat from my nervously perspiring forehead, trying to hold back the urge to punch a hole in the bright green drywall that lies beside me.

Minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I stood up and tried to wipe the sweat from my brow, as well as the anger from my face. “um, hey” my father walked through my room, placing a pile of clean clothes on my dresser and walking out as if nothing was out of the ordinary in the emotional state between us, not man enough to apologize or even admit he was wrong in his state of bliss towards his own personal fantasy. I was sick of it, sick of the constant whining by my father, and I knew I needed a way to fix it in order to keep sanity in my household, both for my sake and for that of the rest of my family.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Book So far?

Not bad eh?! For more information on the next chapter of the book, check out the first blog post installment where it starts.

For the next chapter, see the next blog post.

Final Thoughts

Water is extremely important to drink while taking Adderall, so be sure to always have a bottle handy!

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