Billed as a “mind enhancing supplement,” Demivolve is said to enhance your brain’s activity and your body’s connectivity. The latest from Awakened Minds, Demivolve is an all-natural supplement that is meant for the nootropic warriors of tomorrow who must do battle with the brain dead world which demands they be on their game at all times.

You know the world I’m talking about, the one where your teacher or your boss expects you to be sharp as a tack despite a society that dumbs us down around every turn with quick cut editing and snappy advertising. It’s a world that constantly belabors us with in-your-face marketing and four second Vines, diminishing our attention spans and then punishing us for those short attention spans in the board room or classroom. Luckily for us, we can rise to the challenge thanks to supplements like Demivolve, effectively evolving our brains when they would otherwise devolve. Now they can demivolve and you can “embrace your higher self.”


Demivolve “synergistically combines eight legendary herb extracts that have been used safely and traditionally for thousands of years to enhance brain function and combat depression.” These eight extracts possess transformative properties which work in concert to boost mental abilities and bring out the best in your performance capability.

Demivolve’s active ingredients are:


So what are people saying about Demivolve? If we go on the evidence on, Demivolve has been performing extremely well among its customer base with 98 users giving it an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. One enthusiastic customer wrote, “This is one of the hardest reviews I ever had to write. This is a pill that gives you superpowers and there’s a part of me that begs to keep it a secret.” Another ebullient user said, “Amazing! I love this product and this company. I got a beautiful bracelet for free with my order. Now that is what I call customer service!”

Reviews haven’t been quite as kind with at least one lamenting the fact that you don’t know how much of each ingredient you are getting per capsule. But customer reactions speak for themselves and the public seems to be appreciating the effects induced when taking Demivolve. A testimonial on Demivolve’s site boasts, “I have been taking it for 2 months now and saw a difference within the first two days.” That’s impressive!

On social media, Demivolve has received nearly 3,000 likes and counting. But is it all hype? That’s for you to decide. Readers are encouraged to do their own independent research before taking Demivolve. There have been some sites that pop up in search engines, claiming to have the “shocking facts” about Demivolve (and other nootropics), but these all appear to be click bait. Once opened in your browser, they turn out to be little more than thinly-veiled advertising for competing companies and products.

Demivolve is not known to cause any adverse side effects, but users should look up each ingredient before taking large dosages of Demivolve as each individual ingredient comes with its own contraindications and side effects.

As always, users should be smart and be safe when emancipating their minds. Consult with a physician before taking Demivolve.

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