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Order Armodafinil and Modafinil are both highly potent nootropic drugs that have a similar range of effects, yet with vast differences in overall potency. Modafinil and Armodafinil are very close related smart drugs, and are used to mimic the effects of Adderall or Ritalin, just without many of the harsh side effects and addictive qualities.

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Modafinil is generic Provigil (narcolepsy medication) while Armodafinil is generic Nuvigil (more and most potent of narcolepsy medication) Armodafinil has been regard as up to 5 time stronger than modafinil on a per milligram basis, and I recommend incorporating it into any nootropic stack! Also..this is one nootropic you won’t have to take choline with as it is not a racetam. Beware however, Armodafinil is MUCH less subtle than Modafinil, so if Provigil is giving you one serious kick in the pants, maybe lower the dosage a tad when taking Armodafinil.

While different drugs are known to have significantly different effects varying by factors such as individuality, imbalances in brain chemicals, overall health, and tolerance levels, these two drugs are regarded generally as safe, and armodafinil as a much stronger and more effective alternative to modafinil.

Armodafinil can help to regulate sleep patterns, give a tired and fatigued individual facing academic burn out a new spark for life on his/her studies or start up, and even to normalize sleep patterns, at the same time acting as an extreme wakefulness agent. Modafinil is often used by people without a medical prescription to promote an intense feeling of energy and wakefulness. Reviews from users report say this drug gives them dramatically improved focus and helps them become more productive. Along with this intense focus comes an increased fluency or fluidity of thought. Even ordinary tasks like reading and writing end up requiring much less actual effort or attention. It is easier to make connections from a mental perspective and memory recall and retention may be higher. Some additional benefits include improved sensory perceptions and even appetite suppression for weight loss.

Over 2 million prescriptions have already been written for armodafinil, and is mostly taken by nootropic guru’s, athletes, entrepreneurs, and overall generally healthy individuals. It is illegal to sell, however IS legal to import and use for personal matters, the major reason that entrepreneurs import it on such a regular and frequent basis.

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