Several Ways Phenibut Can Be Used To Reduce Anxiety

What Is Phenibut And How Is It Used For Reducing Anxiety?

Phenibut is used frequently in the military, among the general population, and among biohackers looking to improve performance on a long-term, regular basis. Phenibut is a Russian designed Nootropic that serves to enhance cognitive performance while specifically addressing anxiety and stress. It specifically targets neurons and helps balance them by stimulating the extra release of potassium within the brain, while also gently increasing the release of dopamine – one of the central neurotransmitters responsible for happy and pro-active feelings. It manages to perform both of these operations in a very smooth and balanced manner, and largely avoids the negative side effects that are often found within dopaminergic compounds.


The majority of people use Phenibut as a short term aid for issues related to anxiety and pressure – making it extremely popular with students during the build-up for major examinations and tests. It is known to be especially effective with people who suffer from anxiety based problems, emphasizing an overall sense of super-calm overall well being. Other notable benefits include:

  • A moderate increase in the speed of thought and memory recall/retention.
  • Significant increase in positive attitudes and a desire to accomplish established targets.
  • A mild increase in sensory perception and alertness.
  • Moderate sense of euphoria aligned with a sense of complete control.
  • Effective for helping treat insomnia.

Overall it’s really a great option for people needing a ‘pep-pill’ for easiness, calm, confidence and focus.

Recommended Dosage

While great for motivation, Phenibut isn’t a stimulant in the form of many other Nootropics, and in fact, can serve to balance the effects of energizing compounds when taken as part of a ‘stack’. Taken on its own the effects of a standard dose will last around five hours, so people using Phenibut alone tend to opt for around 250mg twice per day. Others who are used to Phenibut may prefer one large dose of a single gram once per day – it really comes down to personal preference. Naturally and like all Nootropics, this does vary between individuals so those intending to take Phenibut in advance of a big test would be well advised to experiment a little beforehand to find what works best for them.

Taking Phenibut effectively is important for achieving a successful and productive end result. Most manufacturers suggest that people take it on a largely empty stomach with water and a little caffeine to get the metabolism rolling. This needn’t be much – and those taking a ‘stack’ will likely find caffeine present in other compounds – but many users report faster-acting results when taken this way.

In regards to maximum dosage again it varies from person to person but care should be taken not to exceed 4g in a single day, and higher doses are usually only used when people are needing assistance in getting to sleep. For cognitive performance and steadying influence smaller doses with top-ups as needed tend to be best.

Side Effects

What are some of the side effects of using Phenibut? Phenibut is known to react with alcohol and enhance its effects so people should avoid drinking while taking this Nootropic. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to avoid driving while on a higher dosage or using any dangerous equipment.

There is no evidence of anyone developing a physical dependency on Phenibut however tolerance can build quite swiftly on larger doses. It is a powerful Nootropic that really needs to be treated with respect for the best results, and the safest way to use it is in short periods when the extra boost it offers can deliver maximum benefits. It’s a good idea to allow regular breaks to avoid the low risk of psychological dependency.

People taking anti-depressants or pharmaceutical products to address anxiety should consult with their medical practitioners first. Likewise so should anyone on a form of MAO inhibitor anti-epileptic medication. Phenibut can leave some users with a sense of grogginess when they stop taking it after a long period of relatively high dosage. This can be a symptom of withdrawal and those who encounter it should take a break.

Long-Term Use

Some Nootropics are perfectly fine to be taken every day in small doses, providing a useful boost to help people get through their everyday routines. It’s fair to say that Phenibut shouldn’t be used like this in the long term as it really is a very powerful Nootropic and there are quite clear indications that tolerance levels build up rapidly. Long-term use of Phenibut for anxiety can lead to withdrawal if tolerance breaks are not taken, or if excessive doses are taken. If you stay within a 1-3 capsule per day range, these harsh sides will not occur.

This doesn’t mean it should be used once and then forgotten – the exact opposite in fact – but it should be saved for special occasions when it can perform to the maximum potential that this incredible Nootropic has to offer. There is no indication that Phenibut has any significant physical effects upon the body either in short or long term use.

Short-Term Use

As mentioned above this is an excellent choice for people needing something a little extra to help them manage their nerves and gain a little focus. It’s important to quite literally do your homework with Phenibut and determine which dosage works best for delivering the desired results. Bear in mind that people taking it for sleep disorders will need a higher dose than for daily consumption and that taken alone Phenibut isn’t a satisfactory long term medication – but it sure helps in the short term!


While still quite obscure in the states there’s been quite a fair degree of interest in Phenibut within the medical research community and a number of studies have supported the potency and effectiveness of this Nootropic in certain conditions.

Phenibut is known to react with alcohol and has been linked to alcohol misuse – so as mentioned above be very careful when mixing with drinks. Cognitive research accepts that the neurological effects caused by Phenibut do indeed alter the chemistry within the brain and enhances mental performance alongside generating a sense of calm and well-being.

Is Phenibut Legal?

Phenibut is legal in the U.S and can be purchased without restriction. It can easily be found for sale online and is also stocked by some health food shops. It is restricted in some countries so check their local laws before traveling with Phenibut.

Online Reviews

It’s normal for people to get highly strung and anxious during the build-up to a major test (of any style) and Phenibut has helped many individuals with their preparation for such events. Make no mistake this is a powerful Nootropic and there’s no shortage of anecdotal evidence from people who have found Phenibut an amazing asset – with some even crediting it for revolutionizing their lives.

Compared to other Nootropics, Phenibut does seem to be in the very elite when it comes to delivering what is expected. It is important to manage the doses sensibly and effectively as usually the occasional individual who feels a little benefit from Phenibut is likely not taking the supplement appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Anyone looking for a very particular kind of Nootropic that will assist them with their preparation for a major test or occasion will likely find that Phenibut ticks all the boxes. Make no mistake this isn’t a herbal compound reliant on marketing and esoteric research – it’s a pharmaceutical grade product that will deliver in the vast majority of instances. Phenibut is used for anxiety quite often in the online nootropics community, and it is a very effective nootropic drug for this purpose.

Naturally, this means it has to be treated with the respect it deserves and people should take time to gently introduce this powerful Nootropic into their routine without taking high dosages every day. When used effectively this is arguably the best cognitive performance supplement going – but use it wisely.

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