The Benefits Of Using Piracetam

What Is Piracetam?

Piracetam is arguably the most popular smart drug around because of mostly positive results and low risk of overdose. It is a nootropic supplement used by millions globally. Mostly, it acts e brain and nervous system to increase certain activity in neurons, boosting production levels in an individual.

Piracetam is the first compound designed from the racetam group of cognitive enhancers and is widely used in Europe, but has had troubles with the United States’ Federal Drug Administration rejecting it as a supplement. Its birth in 1964 occurred when it was synthetically created in the Belgian lab UCB Pharma. The design of the compound then was to enhance communication between the brain’s two hemispheres – the left side and the right side.

The development of Piracetam began the defining of nootropics, smart drugs or supplements which enhance memory and cognitive ability. It has been around for 40 years under many other prescription names such as Cerebrospan, Stimucortex, and Nootropil – its current name in Europe. Today, the developing of young cognitive minds and battling against cognitive decline amongst the elderly are its main uses.

The general thought is that the compound improves the permeability to cell membranes, helping to increase dispersal of oxygen molecules to cells in the brain. As a result, it helps keeps neurons and synapses healthy while increasing the elimination of waste materials in the cells.


Some think Piracetam can reduce the threat of a stroke because it helps reduce the risks of brains lacking enough oxygen. It is also possible that the drug can provide some anti-clotting benefits which could further guard against strokes.

The biggest benefit Piracetam appears to give on a daily basis deals with improved memories, better cognitive learning abilities, and clearer focus. Piracetam can easily cross the blood-brain barriers and enhance the acetylcholine and glutamate receptors. These areas in the brain are responsible for memories and learning.

Other reported benefits include improved sensory perception as many are able to better distinguish between smells, sights, and touch. One thing first-time users notice is more vibrant colors when viewing things. Those who take it also report better moods as well as motivation levels rising. There is an increase in energy which appears to motivate people more and brightens their outlook. It seems better brain circulation reduces fatigue and increases attention span.

Piracetam increases brain glucose levels to increase alertness and mental energy and also is said to improve the function of mitochondria, supposedly the powerhouse of cells. The most dramatic benefits may occur in the elderly who are taking the compound. Piracetam helps with memory, reasoning, and concentration which are all helpful in battling cognitive decline.


When it comes to how much Piracetam should be administered, there is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to a single dose. A low baseline would be around 400 milligrams (mg) with a medium at 800 mg. Usually, it can be ingested three times per day with no concerns over toxicity with the overall daily dosage for adults between 1,600-4,800 mg.

Some methods start with a large dose, two or three times the regular projection, in order to get the body used to it. After a short time, the more moderate dose gets introduced. The other way is to gradually build up the dosage over a three-week period. Users can then allow enough time for the effects to build up, even as low as 1200 mg per day. Once the body finds the compound tolerant, higher doses have worked better.

The compound can be provided both in pill and powder form. In the latter case, the form could become bitter so it could be ingested with orange juice to sweeten things out. One of the main Piracetam benefits from our site is that we sell the drug in capsules, so there’s no bad taste, and no funky dosing errors!

Side Effects

However, there are some downsides to it. Its potency is low compared to other racetam types and it has elongated periods of effect. The most common side effect mentioned is mild headaches. Taking a choline supplement tends to be the best remedy for this. What some people term as brain fog is another potential side effect. Rather than improve cognitive abilities, it causes people to become more muddled in their thinking.

Other side effects are generally mild, though some could be drowsiness, anxiety, agitation, and a feeling of nervousness. The biggest concern may be in how Piracetam interacts with other things which are ingested. In most cases, other vitamins and supplements interact fine. However, there are some exceptions. Piracetam could prevent people from showing overt signs of excessive drinking leading to alcohol poisoning. When mixed with amphetamines, anxiety can occur along with high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. Blood thinners mixed with Piracetam could lead to excessive bleeding.

Short-Term & Long-Term Use

How quickly users can feel the effect depends on how dosage gets built up? Sometimes, it takes up to weeks before users can experience any effect. Still, most generally report benefits within a few weeks. Sometimes, it can be subtle and other times more obvious. Effects may vary from person to person and some report small increases while others can vividly remember full dreams. Piracetam benefits are potent and effective in nature, and Piracetam is one of our most popular nootropics currently available!

There have been no cases of drug overdose with Piracetam. Since it is non-toxic and water-soluble, the body tends to discard excess amounts through the urinary tract. Reports indicate its toxic level are below salt and caffeine. Some speculate that Piracetam could help counter some diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia. It has already shown to help the elderly combat cognitive decline. However, it also is possible that some users could build up a tolerance for it, negating its beneficial effects, in the long run.


Piracetam’s short-term results have been researched quite a bit. However, since the substance is only 50 years old, there hasn’t been much long-term research as of yet. Of known research, positive results were shown as early as a 1993 report in the journal Pharmacology. There, the journal noted that Piracetam “creates better interactivity of L-glutamate and NMDA receptors.” This stimulates neural connections and maybe a big factor in the compound’s ability to help prevent age-related cognitive decline.

European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry also published a paper listing its findings that Piracetam could significantly help youths deal with reading disorders. Research has been limited in some areas. For instance, though some say that Piracetam can help with social anxiety and sleep disorders, it isn’t clear whether or why it would be possible.

Is it Legal?

Piracetam does have issues when it comes to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Around 2010, the FDA stated that Piracetam can no longer be sold as a dietary supplement because it didn’t fit its legal definition of one. For a substance to be considered in that category, it must occur naturally or be a derivative of a natural substance. This is a standard which Piracetam doesn’t fit as they aren’t found in nature and are of synthetic design.

In Europe, Piracetam is sold as a prescription drug named Nootropil. The FDA hasn’t approved it as a drug as of yet, but mostly because of the lack of testing on it. While many stores steer clear of it, online retailers sell it and it can be shipped to U.S. addresses. The United Kingdom has a similar policy, but a prescription is required to purchase it. Still, it can be legally bought in Canada, Europe, Asia, and across the Americas. So, Piracetam could be in the category of patented prescription drug. Those get bought by a single supplier which, in turn, leads to higher prices and less availability of the compound.

Online Reviews

Piracetam generally gets favorable reviews. Generally, it is considered tolerable and can mix with most supplements. Overdose effects are very rare.

Many claims that Piracetam allowed them to recall memories better with some even remembering some lost childhood moments. Dreams are supposedly more vivid while focus and concentration last longer with lethargy decreasing. However, not all reviews have been positive. There have been complaints of tiredness suddenly coming on at the tail end of a dose as well as brain fog. Choline helps in eliminating these issues.

Final Thoughts

Because it is commonly thought of as non-toxic and can be used daily, Piracetam usually makes a good basis for a nootropic supplement program. For beginners, it may even be the best as studies have shown improved memory and an ability to fight cognitive decline.

Some argue that it is better as a longevity enhancing agent because it helps prevent blood clots as well as aspirin rather than its stated purpose as an intelligence improvement drug. Piracetam benefits encompass a wide spectrum with regards to cognitive enhancement and are great for long-term use.

The one caution is that Piracetam is viewed as much as a drug as well as a supplement. As a result, the users must be careful of all potential benefits and side effects. Otherwise, it is one of the safer nootropics out there that just happens to be caught in the gray area between supplement and drug.

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