Can Sulbutiamine Be Used On A Long-Term Basis?

What Is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine is a smart drug that is a popular choice for increasing the ability to focus, attention span and for promoting mental energy. This nootropic is widely used for improving motivation and productivity and is catching on with students and professionals who need to be at their mental and cognitive best performance levels. Sulbutiamine long term use is a very common phenomenon in the nootropics community and gives typical effects such as improved focus, better memory, and better clarity of thought.

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic compound which is extracted from Vitamin B1. It enhances cognitive function and improves mood. It is a synthetically created type of Thiamine containing two of the molecules found in Vitamin B1 bound together. It is fat soluble, which makes it more easily absorbed and dramatically increases its potency as it more quickly passes the blood-brain barrier. Thiamine levels in the brain are increased more rapidly which enhances cognitive functioning.

Uses in Medicinal Practice

There are multiple uses for Sulbutiamine with the most common being the use as a study aid for students. Students have an increase in motivation to get going, energy to sustain longer periods of study and focus on concentrating on the tasks at hand. Enhanced memory functions allow for greater retention of the materials being studied, an easier time recalling the information for higher testing scores and less anxiety when engaging in any form of public speaking.

Sulbutiamine was originally created in Japan for the treatment of Vitamin B deficiencies. This is because of its superior ability for absorption and the delivery of a higher concentration of vital compounds. It is known to enhance athletic performance and has also been used to treat sexual dysfunction including ER, issues with libido and lack of energy. Studies show that it is also useful for alleviating Diabetic Neuropathy.


Studies have been conducted to show the effectiveness and the range of benefits when Sulbutiamine is taken at the recommended dosage. The results point to it being effective in reducing daytime fatigue, raising energy levels and improving the senses of alertness and wakefulness. Further research reveals evidence that it improves glutamatergic and dopaminergic neurotransmission. Sulbutiamine is useful for students because it increases memory retention and recall and also acts as a stimulant without the unpleasant side effects associated with caffeine, such as the jitters. Cognitive benefits include faster brain response, improved verbal articulation, increased motivation, and greater awareness.

Additional benefits associated with Sulbutiamine are a decrease in erectile dysfunction and the ability to achieve the greater sexual desire. This is because of the way that this supplement affects the neurotransmitter responsible for ambition, drive, and desire. It also provides relief from anxiety, antidepressant effects, and ha a positive effect upon mood levels. Many users report that their levels of social anxiety decrease and that they are better able to perform in front of groups with greater confidence and mental clarity. Thoughts flow more rapidly and there is an increase in logical thinking and problem-solving.

Recommended Dosage

The daily dosage is between 250 and 750 mg per day. It is recommended that beginners start with the lower dosage and increase at weekly intervals until a maximum of 750 mg is reached. It is important to find out how your body will respond to Sulbutiamine and dosages may be adjusted to reach the optimum desired results. The dosages may be divided into two equal parts or taken in one daily dose.

Side Effects

Sulbutiamine carries a low risk of side effects when taken at the recommended dosages for short periods of time. Possible side effects at recommended dosages include headache, drowsiness, insomnia, nausea and less commonly, tremor. Tolerance to Sulbutiamine can occur, it may suppress the appetite and it can pose negative effects for people with bipolar disorder. Higher doses, particularly those beyond recommended levels increase the likelihood of unpleasant side effects.

Effects of Long-Term Sulbutiamine Supplementation

Sulbutiamine works very quickly because of its fast absorption rate. It delivers a powerful dose of Thiamine to the brain which enhances the production and release of chemicals in the body that enhances cognitive functioning. It quickly interactions with the body’s central nervous system so the effects are felt quickly.

It influences dopamine activity in the brain but does so in a positive manner. Unlike some other dopaminergic supplements, it is not likely to cause receptor down-regulation or tolerance.

Long-Term Use

Sulbutiamine is not recommended for long term use over 6 months without a break. In most cases, it is well tolerated, but in rare cases, it can cause skin rashes and mood swings. This occurs in higher doses or when combined with other medications affecting dopamine levels. As an appetite suppressant, it can lead to an excessive amount of weight loss. It is recommended that Sulbutiamine be taken for short durations when needed, and to discuss whether or not this supplement is appropriate for use with your physician. Any dangers are mild at worst.

Short-Term Use

This supplement has a quick response time and provides fast results for increasing energy and lessening fatigue. The best results are achieved when it is taken in the short term. These include enhanced cognitive function so you are more alert and better able to focus. The chances of developing tolerance are lessened with short term use.

Final Thoughts

Long-term Sulbutiamine use is not safe. Sulbutiamine is a powerful form of thiamine that can provide immediate results for improving the way your body chemistry functions. It can help in achieving a balance that inspires peak cognitive performance with increased drive and motivation. As a study aid, it excels in enhances all areas of learning such as retention, recall, and reduction in anxiety for better delivery on tests and in public speaking. Business professionals are at their best when making presentations or in strategic planning sessions.

Additional benefits for those experiencing sexual dysfunction are provided with increased desire and a reduction in erectile dysfunction. So long as Sulbutiamine is taken at the recommended dosages and used as a short term supplement on an as needed basis, it provides many advantages for people in diverse situations where cognitive skills must be at their highest possible levels. As with any supplement, it is important to check with a trusted health care provider to ensure that there are no underlying medical conditions or prescription medication use that could make use of Sulbutiamine potentially unsafe.

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