How Tianeptine Can Be Used For Depression

What is Tianeptine?

Smart drugs are commonly used by students in order to study for exams. However, they are also increasing in popularity with the general population and are used to get beneficial cognitive effects.

Tianeptine is a type of drug known as an SSRE or antidepressant. It is commonly used to treat major episodes of depression in people who are unresponsive to other medication. Tianeptine is also sometimes used by people as a smart drug in order to become more motivated and productive. It can be taken by its self or as part of a nootropic stack. This article will give you more information about Tianeptine.


The main benefits of taking Tianeptine include improvements in mood and reduced anxiety. Tianeptine is one of the most effective treatments for major depressive episodes. It is also beneficial for people with less severe depression.

Tianeptine is often used as a nootropic agent or smart drug. It has a wide range of benefits including sensations of wellbeing as well as improved mental clarity. It is also used to improve mood and relieve negative emotions such as stress, sadness, guilt, and anxiety. The drug also has positive effects on people who suffer from conditions such as eating disorders, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many people take Tianeptine as it can give users vivid or lucid dreams.

Recommended Dosage

This drug is available as a pill of 12.5 mg. It is recommended that users take one tablet two or three times per day. It’s considered more effective to split the dose as this allows the body to have a consistent supply of the drug. As with all smart drugs, it is a good idea to start off with a smaller dose to see how the body reacts. You could even cut a tablet in half if you are feeling unsure of the effects it will have. The dosage to reap the best Tianeptine depression benefits is 12-24 milligrams daily. Once you feel comfortable taking a small amount of Tianeptine, you may like to experiment with increasing the dose.

Side Effects

Tianeptine is usually a very safe and well-tolerated drug. However, it’s important to bear in mind that everyone is different and some users are more sensitive than others to the effects of smart drugs. Most healthy adults will have no problems using Tianeptine. However, some may experience some mild side effects. These include a dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, fatigue and low blood pressure. Other side effects include sleep problems such as insomnia, changes in sleep patterns and vivid dreams.

Long-Term Use

Tianeptine does not seem to cause tolerance or addiction in most people. It is also well tolerated by the body and doesn’t have a sedative effect. It is, however, important to note that as with all antidepressant medication there may be withdrawal symptoms if and when you stop taking it. It is a good idea to slowly cut down the dosage, especially if you have been using it for a long time.


Tianeptine is thought to improve mood by enhancing the extracellular concentrations of Dopamine in the brain. It also has stress releasing effect on the body by reversing impaired neuroplasticity. Tianeptine is an SSRE, which causes Serotonin to be released from the user’s neurons. The serotonin is then re-absorbed.


Research is being carried out at the moment to find out how beneficial Tianeptine is at treating neuro-degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, cerebral aging, and multiple sclerosis. Tianeptine is used most commonly in France and other European countries. As it was developed in France it is less commonly used in the English speaking world. This is because all the research done about the drug is in French.

Legal Status

In most countries in the world, Tianeptine can only be acquired with a prescription. However, with the increasing demands for smart drugs, it may be available from online stores as a powder or as part of a nootropic supplement.

Safety Concerns

The effects of this drug seem to be fairly short lasting. It, therefore, does not affect the cardiovascular system in any way. This drug is considered safe enough to use for treating elderly patients. However, there have been some warnings about the addictive nature of this drug. People who have had other addictions before may be more susceptible to getting hooked. Those with mental health issues may also have problems. There are also withdrawal symptoms associated with this drug which are quite severe. These range from mood swings, shaking and nervousness to nausea.


Final Thoughts

If you are interested in trying smart drugs then it is important to find out as much as you can about them first. This will allow you to make an informed choice about which drug to take and at what dosage. If you think you are suffering from severe depression then it is best to consult your doctor rather than self-prescribing. Tianeptine is a fantastic drug for depression, and due to its abilities as an SSRE, it can significantly alter one’s brain chemistry and help out anyone dealing with temporary blues!

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