Tianeptine Vendors

What Is Tianeptine?

Tianeptine is a very powerful and relaxant nootropic drug with scores of reviews on popular nootropics forums. While Tianeptine can be somewhat addictive and pose an unpleasant withdrawal, for most users who take it only in moderation, it shouldn’t cause too hard of effects. Tianeptine can cause great benefits to the individual taking the drug, such as improved mood, memory and focus, more energy levels, relaxation, an SSRI effect, and better sleep.


The benefits of Tianeptine include less worry, better mood, better focus and memory as a result of the better mood, drowsiness, happiness, and possible drunkenness if too much of the drug is taken all at once.


Typical dosages of Tianeptine are typically in the range of 12.5 to 25-mg per day. Typical dosages it is sold in is either 90 12.5-mg capsules, 90 24-mg capsules, and/or 10-gm bags.

Side Effects

Side effects of Tianeptine can actually be somewhat annoying and typically consist of sleepiness, hunger, thirst, and/or drowsiness. Withdrawal can also occur if taken for too long. The withdrawal from Tianeptine can actually be pretty severe and mimic that of an opiate. Stay away from withdrawal at all costs by keeping a very low dosage of Tianeptine, and by taking it on a very irregular basis. Tianeptine, since it’s powerful, also has a somewhat powerful withdrawal.


Tianeptine with some mild research behind it has actually not been studied extensively. However, tons of reviews on forums are of users taking the drug. Take at your own risk.

Tianeptine Vendor In Bulk

A lot of bulk Tianeptine vendors exist. Smart Drugs for College will be adding Tianeptine to the store soon. Smart Drugs for Thought still sells Tianeptine from the looks of it. A simple google will give a full rundown of all the vendors that offer Tianeptine.

Tianeptine Vendors

The secret of most vendors for how they can offer the drug so cheap, with discounts and such is that they buy in super bulk from their offshore suppliers.

Smart Drugs for College should be supplying Tianeptine in the near future, so you can absolutely buy from us if it’s not available already. If it’s available, you’ll see a group of bottles with prices on this blog post. You’ll be able to add the product to your cart straight from this blog post! If its no up there it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have it, check the nootropics store for a full rundown of all the products that we offer.


Typical vendor prices are in the range of $44.99 for a 12.5 milligram, 90 capsule bottle.

Final Thoughts

Tianeptine is a powerful nootropic drug with a host of benefits that loads of individuals find beneficial.

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