Is Tianeptine Powder The Solution For Depression?

What is Tianeptine?

Depression is one of the biggest mental health issues impacting society today. Close to 15 million people struggle with some form of depression and this problem does not show any sign of slowing down. Severe cases of depression are the worse of all. This persistent depressive disorder is also known as Dysthymia nearly 3 million people suffer from this problem. Psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and medical professionals use various treatment methods to help depressed people. One drug that they use to combat this condition is known as Tianeptine.

Tianeptine is a drug that is primarily used to treat severe forms of depression. It is also used to treat asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. This drug is an antidepressant and an anxiolytic. Tianeptine is often used to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety. This drug has mood enhancing qualities that help to brighten up a person’s perspective. Tianeptine is also known as a nootropic or smart drug. This is because it is commonly used to improve a person’s mental clarity and perspective. Tianeptine is also sold under the brand names of Stablon, Coaxil, and Tatinol. Sometimes Tianeptine is used to treat Parkinson’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder.

 History of Tianeptine

Tianeptine was developed in the 1960s by the French Society of Medical Research. This group experimented with this drug for many years until it was manufactured for commercial use in France. The effectiveness of this drug eventually came to be picked up by American and Belgium researchers. They performed various tests on this drug for many years to validate its effectiveness. However, many tests were suspended by 2012 because different types of anti-depressant medications were used in its place.

Tianeptine was used primarily in France for many years. Many western countries outside of France were not quick to utilize this drug because the research results were primarily written in French. The drug was apparently developed for localized use within the French nation. Since research data was not readily translated over to English. Tianeptine can be purchased in the US and other western countries but it is not sold on a wide scale. In the US, the FDA does not approve this substance since clinical trails are too expensive for its production. Once again it is sold in different forms that are already available in the market. European countries typically have commercial access to this narcotic.

How Does Tianeptine Work?

This drug works by temporarily removing serotonin from a person’s system. Once this happens it will prevent the serotonin from coming into contact with the synaptic receptors. This in term helps to elevate a person’s mood and to make them more upbeat. This drug works in the opposite manner than most anti-depressant medication. Do not forget that Tianeptine also reduces stress on a person’s brain. It performs this activity by reducing stress levels that impact brain function and operation.

Tianeptine Benefits at a Glance

Tianeptine provides the following benefits:

  • Elevated mood
  • Improved cognition
  • Temporarily improved mental state
  • Changes a person’s mood
  • Increased attention span
  • Relieves anxiety

Dosages for Tianeptine Powder

Dosages for Tianeptine vary by individual. The average dosage for most people is 12.5mg. Some people have dosages that are high as 25mg while others are required to take 10mg. This substance is often marketed in pill form. Though there are some liquid and powdered versions of this drug.

Most Tianeptine subscriptions are taken at least 3 times a day. However, some people take them up to 5 times or more within a 24 hour time period. A few patients take them at least 8 times a day. People increase their risk of dependency when they take this drug for more than 3 times a day.

Side Effects

There is relatively few side effects for Tianeptine. These side effects include slow cognition, tiredness and/or an extremely calming effect. Since Tianeptine is an anti-depressant people often abuse this drug for this purpose. People who use Tianeptine, for this reason, develops habitual use. This, in turn, causes them to become dependent on the drug to stay in a positive frame of mind. People should take this drug as prescribed to avoid dependency and they should only purchase it from a credible business that sells this product. People should also be careful about this drug’s withdrawal symptoms since they cause problems as well. The compound is most commonly sold as Tianeptine powder.

Long-Term Use

People can use Tianeptine over an extended period of time. The trick with using this drug is to stagger dosages. Patients can take higher dosages when the first start off and then come down to lower amounts over time. This system is very useful for preventing addiction and helping a person to receive the initial benefits of the drug. Tianeptine does not permanently heal a person from depression. They will have to continue using this drug over an extended period of time to combat depression.

Safety Concerns Associated with Tianeptine

Once again, outside of addiction, Tianeptine does not pose any real danger to a person. It is a relatively safe drug that people can use to remain upbeat and free from their symptoms of depression. This drug does not cause any known physical issues to the body.

Online Reviews

Tianeptine has generally received positive reviews in terms of research and usage. Many people who have participated in clinical results gave the drug positive feedback. People who are prescribed to this drug also claim that it was effective for alleviating the symptoms associated with depression. While many Tianeptine users endorse this narcotic some of them stated that it did not lighten their mood or cause them to shake off feelings of depression. For a few individuals, this drug was not that effective.

Overall, members of the medical community do not believe that Tianeptine is the best anti-depressant medication on the market. However, they do state that it is useful and practical for general treatments regarding this condition. Limited testing is still being conducted to figure out new ways for people to take this drug. Tianeptine in its rawest form is not sold in the US but it can be purchased online and in the markets of a few European countries.

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