What is the Closest Nootropic Stack to Adderall?

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With the growing knowledge about how dangerous amphetamine use can be, even in the dosages prescribed in ADHD medications, it’s easy to turn to nootropics for a cleaner, healthier, more conscientious alternative. Adderall’s main effects come in the form of focus, motivation, energy, drive, and in some cases, small improvements in short term memory due to the significantly increased focus. The same types of effects however can be achieved in a much cheaper, more effective, and less toxic nootropic stack, one that will improve overall functioning in both the short and long run, with no risk of addiction along the way.

Here are the main benefits of Adderall, and alongside it each component of the nootropic stack that correlates to an alternative for that particular cognitive effect.

Focus: Phenylpiracetam- The nootropic Phenylpiracetam is the most stimulant like out of the nootropics, at least in the sense of how Adderall’s effects are and how they sustain. Like Adderall, Phenylpiracetam will eventually build up a tolerance, however, no withdrawal symptoms will take place, and instead, motivation and clarity of thought will still be present even after the nootropic has worn off. A great nootropic for that wake up burst in the morning, for regular motivation, for enhancing the strength of your workouts, and finally for overall general, cognitive improvement.

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Motivation: Modafinil-One of the holy grails of nootropics, Modafinil provides sustained motivation and alertness for hours, keeping CEO’s and startup companies going for days at a time, no need for sleep or decrease in productivity. Modafinil provides the power, motivation, drive, and mild euphoria to this stack, and is on par with noopept as the most important piece of the puzzle.

Alertness: Modafinil-Modafinil is the only nootropic that’s alertness comes close to Adderall’s, with its somewhat stimulatory effects allowing for enhanced focus. Modafinil will serve as a less dangerous, more sustainable substitute.

Euphoria: Combo of all-The combination of all listed nootropics will create a minor euphoria, both from the slightly added dopamine (mainly the modafinil and phenylpiracetam) as well as from the clarity of thought and increased intelligence.

Improved short term memory: Noopept- In order to get that genius feeling you can sometimes have while on Adderall, Noopept will be added to the stack, greatly increasing clarity of thought, allowing for improved short and long term memory, and
overall adding to the drive, motivation, and increased intelligence already somewhat present. Noopept will tie together all the other nootropics well, and will give another interesting effect, in that your visuals will be greatly increased, letting you know the Noopept is working alongside the other nootropics in your stack.

Mood Uplift: Phenibut- Phenibut is hands down the most powerful mood boosting nootropic, and it can help give that mood brightening, motivating euphoria that causes Adderall to be so effective. This nootropic is kind’ve like the icing on the cake on the above nootropics. You will feel a noticeable drive increase, as well as a significant mood uplift from the Phenibut in your perfect stack.

Confidence Boost: All of the above- The combo of all the listed nootropics in the former will greatly increase your confidence, lower your anxiety, and overall make you a more functional, smarter individual.

Final Thoughts

A perfect nootropic stack can be realized by adding in all of the components above to your nootropic regiment. When stacked, these nootropics will create an increasingly powerful effect, and will serve as a more efficient, safer, more effective, and in the long term, better alternative to Adderall. Give it a shot, I can personally guarantee you’ll like the results!

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