What Are the Long Term Benefits of Pramiracetam

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Long Term Benefits of Pramiracetam

If you’ve ever had the strong desire to be the genius in the room, with seemingly endless productivity and an array of fast cognitive skills other individuals can only dream about, then you could greatly change the way your brain works through the long term benefits of pramiracetam. Pramiracetam is thought to be as much as 30 times stronger than piracetam, the original nootropic, and is the main reason why many bloggers and wall street bankers have claimed to be successful. Taken in the long term, pramiracetam generates a type of cumulative effect, meaning that as the drug gets into your system, its effects continue to get stronger and more effective.

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More about Pramiracetam

Initially, when one takes a dose of Pramiracetam, clarity of thought, voice of reasoning, and finally, the ability to speak (word flow) will all improve to intense, and noticeable degrees. Many individuals also note being able to recall things easier, to pick things up (such as new skills) with seemingly no effort, and to focus easier and more collectively while doing tasks that require extreme focus, such as mathematics or writing.

How Exactly Does Pramiracetam works?

Pramiracetam works initially by exciting the acetylcholine receptors in the brain, although to some degree it also influences dopamine and seratonin levels (extremely mild however, as acetylcholine is the main form of improved cognition in racetams.) Pramiracetam works by not only modulating to these receptors, changing their efficiency and overall the way they work, but also by blocking the reuptake of acetylcholine in the brain, meaning that more acetylcholine in high functioning areas, such as the prefrontal cortex, will be present. This equates to improved memory, greatly increased vision, and also an improved sense of motor skills. Use pramiracetam for the long term, and you could permanently increase the stimulation of the cholinergic syst

em, equating to a significantly improved memory even after dosing of pramiracetam is ceased. Take pramiracetam for the long term, and the influx of information and increased cognition will eventually induce syna
ptic plasticity (as well as the computational power of your brain) to improve. You’ll soon notice benefits in writing, reading, complex problem solving, and even in clarity of thought.
Where pramiracetam also excels, that other racetams fail to however, is in the form of both oxygenating, and improving blood flow to the brain. More blood circulating in your skull=more oxygen flow to your cerebrum=more concentration, focus, alertness, and overall a greater influx of thoughts and ideas. Pramiracetam has also been used in many European countries as a much safer alternative to the ADHD stimulant medications of modern day prescription drugs. Pramiracetam is an ideal choice as an ADHD medication alternative, for anyone with a stressful career, or for anyone who is looking for a non-addictive way to boost overall cognition, overcoming procrastination and increasing motivation in the long term every step of the way.
Final Thoughts
If you’re looking for a great study booster, something that you’ll actually feel right away (piracetam and aniracetam can sometimes take weeks before any significant effects are noticed), but something that also produces subtle, stimulating, cumulative type effects, try pramiracetam on for size, and give your next study session a much needed boost!

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