Is Adrafinil Legal? Observation of the Modafinil Pro-Drug

Is Adrafinil Legal? The Modafinil Pro-Drug

The legality of Adrafinil has been a highly debated subject in the online world of nootropics, because of its relevance, pro drug qualities, and overall similarity to the potent prescription stimulant, Modafinil. This article will raise the question, “is Adrafinil Legal?” in the sense of the courts, and will demonstrate its effects, benefits, side effects, uses, reviews, and why exactly Adrafinil is an entirely legal alternative to many unhealthful prescription stimulants.


What is Adrafinil?

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Adrafinil is a product which increases alertness without leading to development of stress or tension. It belongs to a group of drugs known as eugerocis which are dugs with stimulating effects. Adrafinil has less negative side effects that are linked with stimulants. A closely related drug is modafinil which is the metabolite of adrafinil. When you take adrafinil, it metabolizes to modafinil in the body.



Adrafinil Liver Toxicity?


When Adrafinil gets to the liver, it is changed to Modafinil. As a result of this breakdown, the liver is under strain which leads to key enzymes to increase. When one continues to take adrafinil, it causes the liver enzymes to increase leading to long term damage to this organ. The symptoms are going to appear six months after the drug has been taken on a daily basis. Since everyone is different, symptoms might appear sooner or later. It is therefore advisable not take to take adrafinil daily so as to give the liver a chance to reduce level of enzymes. People who do not use adrafinil more than two times a week do not have any problems. For those with liver problems, it is recommended not to take adrafinil before seeking medical advice. Adrafinil’s legal status has and always will be entirely within the boundaries of the law, despite mild liver toxicity (the liver intensity once might feel with this nootropic drug still pales in comparison to something like Adderall, Alcohol, or even high caffeine doses.)


Side effects


Although most nootropic supplements are not toxic and they are well tolerated, adrafinil has some side effects. Most of these side effects will only present itself on high doses but it is vital for you to be well informed so as to make the right decision. Despite the fact that this supplement is not known to cause stimulant like effects such as high blood pressure and heart problems, it is possible especially when one already as these pre existing conditions. The risks may be worse if you take excess dosage and that is why following the required usage guidelines is vital especially with this highly concentrated substance. It is also not a good idea to combine this supplement with other stimulants such as caffeine and Adderall. Talk to your doctor to ensure that you do not have any health condition that will interfere with the effects of this supplement.


A number of relatively mild side effects that have been reported are dizziness, headaches, nausea and stomach discomfort. You can deal with the headache by taking Choline supplement like Alpha GPC. The others can be handled by reducing the dosage and taking a short break from the suppleent. In the event these symptoms persist, it is vital that you try out another supplement or stack. Adrafinil is legal for a reason, very little in the way of excess side effects!




Since this supplement is very concentrated, it goes a long way. The ideal daily dosage ranges between 150 and 300 mg. You need to think of starting with a low dose until your body starts to get used to it. Only increase the dosage after you have observed the effects for roughly one or two weeks. Your body will have built some tolerance to the drug. It is recommended to take this supplement three times. Taking it late at night means you will experience insomnia.


Due to the fact that the supplement is water soluble, you can mix it in water or juice for easy consumption. Another alternative is to buy a pill capping device and make a capsule. As mentioned before, you should not use adrafinil everyday because of the side effects. It is best as an occasional supplement on the days that you really need to focus and become productive. Another strategy for taking the drug is using a cycle. Just because Adrafinil is legal does not mean overdoing the dosage, stick to 3-600mg per day, and NEVER go above 1200mg (not a medical limit or anything, simply giving my advice based on experience. ) This means taking it for some weeks and then taking a short break to allow your body to rest and readjust itself. This is going to keep it as effective as possible and your body will not become tolerant.


Long term effects


The most serious side effect of adrafinil is liver problem. Liver toxicity comes about due to the conversion of the supplement into modafinil which is also deemed a stimulant. It can lead to an increase in liver enzymes which are risky when used for a long time. You should not use this supplement with other drugs or alcohol. Other possible side effects include skin conditions such as stevens Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis. While few people are reporting these symptions, they are some side effects that modafinil users who have reported and potential adrafinil users need to know about. Make sure you talk to a doctor to learn about these conditions and their symptoms. The best thing you can do is to be proactive about the possible side effects of all medications.


Short term effects


Unlike caffeine that causes one to become nervous or jittery at times, adrafinil has these potential short term effects since it works differently and affects different parts of the nervous system. There are a few things that you need to know before you order powder or capsules. When adrafinil is used for a short time, it does not pose a lot of risks besides dizziness, headaches and nausea. These side effects come about when the body responds to the stimulation that is brought about by the supplement. These will disappear as soon as you begin to focus on your work and getting things done.




Since its introduction in 1989, adrafinil has been able to resolve a number of conditions and disorders which include: sleep disorder, increasing alertness and wakefulness for people who suffer from sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work. It is also helpful in increasing level of energy and restoring the general well being. Another benefit is improving cognitive function, concentration and memory focus. Some users who have mild cases of social anxiety and introversion report an increase in sociability and talkativeness.


Safety concerns


Take into account that adrafinil is just like any other drug. This means that there are some inherent risks which go along with taking it. Due to the fact that it can lead to undue strain on the heart, there are some risks. People who do not suffer from any hear conditions should not be worried but those who have high blood pressure or a heart related condition should not take this medicine. Never mix it with other amphetamines.


User reviews


Most people who have used adrafinil report that their vision becomes clear, colors brighten up their heart rate slightly increased and they did not experience any jitters or feeling of nervousness. Over the course of five hours, one user who had an exam had written a paper, studies almost one hundred pages of their book and still had some energy left to go to the gym later on.


Does this produce euphoria?


Since adrafinil works on Dopamine receptors D2 and D3, the smart drug binds to the same dopamine transporters as cocaine. It is able to block the transporters and increase the level of dopamine in the brain. This is the reason why a lot of people experience a feeling of euphoria and overall well being. Users mention that they fell more relaxed, less anxious and have a positive outlook on things.


The mood enhancement effect of the supplement also increases other effects of this drug. One can have a feeling of mental well being, an increased interest in what is happening around them and the ability to start completing tasks with a lot of focus. Procrastination is reduced as motivation increases. Most users realize there is an improvement in their cognitive skills which involves attention, memory, learning and recall.


What will I actually feel when taking this?


The onset of this supplement is slower when it is compared to other stimulants. Due to the fact that the drug has to be metabolized in the liver to modafinil, it will take roughly one hour before you start to experience some noticeable effects. When adrafinil starts to take effect, you will experience an increase in focus and energy. This increase is quite gradual and it can take one more hour from when you started noticing the effects. One the effects reach its peak, it will stay there for six to eight hours before it starts to decrease over additional two hours.


The increase in energy is a clean feeling. Other stimulants such as adderall and coffee are known to speed things a bit too much which then leads to feeling of anxiety and racing thoughts which is counterproductive. Adrafinil will make you feel awake and your thoughts will flow clearly. It is easier for one to focus on the work at hand and recall any new information that they learn or is presented to them. You are not going to feel as though you have been put into overdrive.


If you had sufficient sleep at night and you are not sleep deprived, there will be no come down or crash. Sometimes you are going to feel more energized or focused twelve to fourteen hours after the initial consumption. There are people who have problems sleeping the following night when they take the drug in the morning. If you did not have enough sleep and you took the supplement to become more energized, it is going to feel like a crash when adrafinil starts to wear off. This is your body feeling the way it is supposed to feel after you have not gotten some sleep.




There was a study which was conducted to examine the effect of 300 mg dose of adrafinil on participants. In the study, the dose was administered to healthy adults all of whom were not sleep deprived. All the participants attended three different fifty minutes cognitive testing sessions. One session was conducted before the administration of the drug, one after ninety minutes of ingestion and the last one three hours after ingestion. The test not only included assessment of mood, fatigue and motivation but also cognitive assessment. The results were positive. Those that too the 300 mg of the drug performed better than those who were given adrafinil and assessments taken ninety and three hours later after ingestion. They stated they felt less tired and were more attentive during the sessions.




A French pharmaceutical company known as group Laflon developed adrafinil in the later 1970s. In the year 1986, it was provided in France as a treatment for narcolepsy. The drug was marketed under the name Olmifon until recently although it has not been discontinued but the generic adrafinil is still available. Currently in Canada and the United States, adrafinil is not regulated. This means that anyone can buy it without the need to have a prescription.


Productivity Benefits

There are speakers who take Adrafinil due to the fact that it is able to increase the speed of their thoughts and power of recall. People who handle mentally straining activities use the drug because it is able to reduce mental exhaustion that one gets after they challenge their brain for a long time. Some say they keep working and working simply because there is nothing else they would rather be doing.


Final Thoughts


As seen above, those are the things that you need to know about Adrafinil before you start taking it. For best results, take the recommended dosage. Some tips for making sure your Adrafinil…and nootropics for that matter is always 100% legal, checkout our categories for each nootropic, they contain a flurry of articles on each topic that always give a general run down about the supplement, if its not there, it will be soon. Comment down below with any questions about nootropic legality, and let us know how Adrafinil has affected you, we love hearing from inspired nootropic guru’s.

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