How I hacked my Biology with Noopept, Sunifiram and the Ampakine nootropics

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How I hacked my Biology with Noopept, Sunifiram and the Ampakine Nootropics

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These Nootropics, the ampakines, are among some of the most powerful and effective smart drugs in existence, for both short and long term use, I myself have used them as a “biohacker” to significantly rewire and improve overall brain function by way of using them in stacks, and cycles. Through this article, I will demonstrate exactly what I did to stimulate optimum brain performance, and allow myself to help realize the minds true potential.CyclesI began my journey to enhancement through the Ampakine nootropics through a racetam type Ampakine (rather than a true one like Sunifiram) known as Noopept. I had researched this drug thoroughly and realized that it could be used to significantly improve brain function long term. Studies suggested using Noopept in doses of 10-30mg per day, 3x per day, and preferably with a meal to maximize the length of time the drug’s effects remain on the brain.

I did the cycle for 56 days at 30mg 3x per day, precise, exact, and to a tee. I followed the U shape curve principal. The first few days were pretty good, no real side effects but no actual WOW effect from the Noopept coming on yet, clarity of thought and vision improvements were decent yet not surprising (in that nearly every nootropic does this.)  I began appealing to the solid U shape curve that the dosing schedule for Noopept calls out to, ie: start with a low dose (one 10mg tablet 3x per day) then add in another one, and then another, then drop down 10mg per meal, and then drop again, do each of these “mini cycles” within the cycle, for a week and a half, and within the amount of time it takes to perform the 8 week total cycle, your brain will surprise the hell out of you in demonstrating what it will do.
The First few weeks

For the first week and a half, I took 10mg per day, once with each meal. No direct results really occured (other than vision, memory etc.) and I was a little bit disappointed. By the end of three weeks however, in which I had proceeded to remain consistent with my dosing schedule and following the U shaped curve, by the time I had upped the dose to 30mg 3x per day, my brain was in rapid fire. It was like I suddenly knew everything, about everything, vision was ridiculously crisp, my mind never got tired, and I undertook projects, both personal and at the collegiate level, that I had put off for quite a time. These effects remained even as I began to bring the dosage down, and by the time I had tapered off of it, I had discovered some other uncanny effects.

The Ending of the Cycle

By about week 7 and 8 I was back to just one Noopept per day, and when I woke up, I would feel like I was still on it! Which was great considering how much work I was able to get done on a constant basis. By the time I had finally gotten off the Noopept, it’s mental endurance effects has somewhat dissapated, but even weeks later, it was clearly noticeable that Noopept had had great effects on my overall brain function-plus now I always have great clarity of thought, am in shape and taking care of my body and mind, and have more lust for life than ever before!Sunifiram CycleThe cycle I did with Sunifiram (and I do NOT condone or recommend this..I’d prefer you use Sunifiram on a somewhat as needed basis…but I’m a human guinea pig so here goes) was a little bit different, and the effects from the start were a lot more obvious.

I started with ten milligrams a day and consistently was able to increase the dosage ever so slightly as my tolerance got bigger. Eventually I was up to near 100mg a day! But what I was able to learn and accomplish was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Imagine
being a euphoric genius all day every day but with very little side effects, you can eat and sleep on it just fine, and hardly any hangover or crash. Near the end of my “cycle” with Sunifiram, which lasted around three months (I know that’s crazy!) I had learned, written, and created such an amazing amount of information and blogging projects (including redesigning the entire website from to, that it was well worth whatever slight hangover effects might’ve came my way. I also made sure to do a hefty piracetam regiment (six weeks) once I had finished messing around with Sunifiram so much, one CDP Choline capsule a day and 3 800mg piracetam capsules per day can cure any hangover! Biology with NoopeptStacksPost the both of these cycles I began experimenting with stacking multiple ampakine and strong nootropics by way of a stack of Noopept and Sunifiram together. I loved the effects the both of these gave and after using them on and off for months at a time, I can safely say that these Nootropics are more than just a simple supplement, and definitely are a force to be reckoned with.

Final Thoughts:

If you decide to cycle nootropics (which you should) be sure to follow a U shaped curve with whatever it is you try, meaning star the dosage small, increase it to a point, and then taper off. A typical dosing structure would look like this 10,10,10,20,20,20,30,30,30,20,20,20,10,10,10..just to put some perspective on it.

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