Buy nootropics for under fifteen dollars! And how to maximize discounts!

Before we get started, you can buy our most potent nootropic, Adrafinil, right here! Buy Adrafinil

Buy Nootropics for under Fifteen Dollars

If you’ve checked out our store recently, you’ve noticed that we’ve lowered the prices on some of our nootropics, lucky for you to be able to take advantage of such a discount! We now have nootropics you can purchase for under fifteen dollars, called “sampler packs” these contain 10, 20, 20, or 45 capsules instead of 90, and are significantly cheaper (averaging 9-12 dollars each) as a result. No longer are you limited to having to spend hundreds of dollars each time you spend nootropics, now an hours work can buy you up to a month and a half’s supply of nootropics! Buy nootropics

What do we have in stock

Adrafanil-thirteen dollars

ALCAR-six bucks!

More about Nootropics

Aniracetam-thirteen dollars

Ashwagandha-nine dollars

CDP Choline-a mere eight dollars!

Galantamine-thirteen dollars

L-Theanine-As low as Ten dollars

Noopept-thirteen dollars-BECOME LIMITLESS ON A BUDGET!

Phenibut-twelve dollars

Picamilon-eleven dollars

Piracetam-fifteen dollars!

Pramiracetam-Eighteen (one exception to the fifteen dollar rule…its expensive..sorry:p)

Rhodioloa Rosea-Ten bucks

Update: *Sunifiram has now become obsolete and has been deemed unsafe for human consumption

Take advantage of these new sales, they are there for the long term and surely are here to stay. Also take advantage of two other huge discounts you can get quickly and easily.

1. Subscribe to the website– you will get instant email access to each article we publish, a promo code for free shipping, random free promo codes and sales just for being a subscriber, and much much more.

2. Like my facebook page– for liking my facebook page you get special updates on promo codes, weekend sales, and article updates.

3. Join the group “nootropics” on facebook– I am the groups premier salesman, and if you message me personally and say you are a member of that page, I give you a special, individualized discount!

4. Donate a penny or more- help stop addiction, every donation gets donated to the Narcotics Anonymous meetings I go to!

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for, get to subscribing, adding yourself to my group and liking my facebook page and take advantage of the extreme discounts on nootropics you could be reaping! Through the three methods listed above, we’ve had customers get a nootropic bottle for under $4! Enjoy;)

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