Test Tomorrow, What Smart Drug Should I Use?!

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Smart Drugs

I’ve asked myself this very same question many a time, and have found that without a doubt, the best single way to cram is with a hefty dose of Noopept (make sure to use CDP choline to do this.) While mega doses of Noopept have not technically been reported as safe yet, Sunifiram is still a relatively new ampakine drug, and it should be approached with caution. With this being said, myself and friends have used high doses (up to 100 milligrams) on and off for months, with great effects. Soooo….here’s how to ace that test the next day with one simple all nighter session! All you’ll need is a decent cocktail of nootropics, an inner motivation to succeed at your test against whatever odds you feel have been stacked against you, and finally, PLENTY of CDP Choline;)  Don’t procrastinate: If you’re like me, when you study, you often times take breaks, dilly dally, beat around the bush, and don’t get to the assignment until after quite a lag in time. Be sure to remain on task and focused at all times, depending on how big your assignment is, you’ll need every single moment in the all nighter to finish it, and unless you want to pull a true all nighter (working all night without sleep then going about your day right after), focusing dilligently on your assignment is the way to go.

Things you’ll need in your stack:

More about Nootropics

1. Sunifiram-Sunifiram is an ampakine nootropic that I have sworn by time and time again since I began designing this website. I use it almost weekly, and have used all types of dosages, both low and high, with great effects. Sunifiram can give you tons of motivation (especially when you first start) will easily keep you on track with your work and make sure you don’t stray off task, and will upgrade your vision, concentration, energy levels, and memory capacity all atop giving you an almost impending desire to study and learn. When taken on an as-needed basis, Sunifiram is the single best nootropic for short term studying, and I recommend throwing it into any nootropic stack whenever you need to get some studying done in a jiffy (or are just bored and want to enhance your brain a tad;)

*Update: Sunifiram is now an obsolete nootropic that has been deemed unsafe for human consumption and seized by drug enforcement agencies…we no longer carry it, and neither does anywhere else.

2. Adrafanil– A stimulating nootropic prescribed mainly to those dealing with narcolepsy, yet taken worldwide as a substitute to the Rx Modafinil, I’ve used Adrafanil on and off extensively with great results, especially on nights when I need to cram for a large test or finish up a term paper. Adrafanil will ensure that you are wide awake on your all nighter (be sure you are somewhat well rested before you take this, otherwise you could end up feeling tired but unable to fall asleep..not a great combination when you’re trying to cram for a calculus test). It will also give you a mild euphoria and motivation, and in studies has been shown to greatly improve focus, as well as having moderate improvements in short term memory (as any basic general stimulant does) whilst it is working.

3. CDP Choline– The balancer to the smart drug cocktail you’ll be taking, CDP Choline helps your brain restore its acetylcholine receptors, which are currently being used up by the nootropics you are using. Nootropics, and racetam-like nootropics in particular (phenylpiracetam, piracetam, sunifiram etc.) all function better and much more synergystically when stacked with Choline, and CDP Choline is the most potent and widely available currently on the market. We also currently have it in stock in our nootropics store!

4. Phenibut– Phenibut is the euphoria and hypomanic mood burst that you need while studying. What it basically feels like is a low dose of amphetamine combined with an SSRI, don’t take for too long or tolerance can build up, and be sure to take no more than between 750mg and 1.5 grams. Accounts of people accidentally taking 7.5 grams normally result in feelings of stupidity, drunkenness, and general dysphoria until the drug leaves ones system. Be careful with Phenibut, because as it is a miraculous nootropic, it can sometimes carry with it withdrawal symptoms resembling that of benzodiazepines or opiates, do your research, and always be sure you know exactly how much of a nootropic you are putting in your body.


Desmopressin is a synthetic form of the anti-diuretic hormone, or Vassopressin, and should be used ONLY at those times where it is ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. Desmopressin can significantly improve memory, giving you a slight buzz at the same time (see former posts in “extreme nootropics”) The first time I took desmopressin, I had an immense increase in my clarity of thought, a nice, stimulating buzz, and while my mouth was incredibly dry (I made sure not to drink water all day as excess fluid consumption can make desmopressin dangerous), my ability to recall as well as my focus, were both increased to extreme measures. Reports on longecity about “having a near photographic memory when using desmopressin” whilst exaggerated, are not far off. Use if you must, but check out previous posts and beware the side effects if you decide to take the risk.

Final Thoughts

No matter what nootropic route you use when deciding on a smart drug for your all nighter, be sure to use a choline source, and if you take the extreme route and use desmopressin, do not drink water while on it-and know the risks of what you’re taking.

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