How a Woman Taking NGF Eye Drops Lived to 103 Years Old

Safer alternatives to this might include things like Piracetam and Noopept!

How a woman taking NGF Eye Drops lived to 103 years old, Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini

The story, “how a woman taking NGF eye drops lived to 103 years old, Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini”, is a fascinating one. Most people will not have heard about it because it is not a sensation that many are familiar with. This amazing story is known to those few who are interested in the field and are ready to spend some time reading about different possibilities, options, changes and other interesting things that most people are curious about. The world has become so much broader and more interesting that they would have to be more and more curious about different kinds of things all the time to keep up with the fast pace of the globe.

Nerve Growth Factor Eye Drops or NGF eye drops are very expensive, but it is also most important to understand that they are proven to be effective. This means that people should keep in mind that this effectiveness might be more important than the actual price of these eye drops. Some people find it relevant to point out that the amazing age this lady lived up to, is something many would love to achieve. However, not all people can do that, and these eye drops might make the lives of the people way longer than they are at the moment; considering all the damage people do to their body and soul every day of their lives with all the pollution they suck in and the bad lifestyle they live through.

More about Nootropics

People have lived longer lives before this generation because they paid more attention to their health, they trusted more in their parents and listened more to their body. Nowadays, it is simple – frozen and processed food, pollution from exhaust pipes of the millions upon millions of cars and simply no time to pay attention to anything besides work and consumerism.

This Nobel Prize winning lady is the proof that people should pay attention to these things. The eye drops might help on some level, but it also means that people have to pay way more attention and this means a commitment to themselves. She is the proof that there is a way how to make human lives longer with a simple thing, but it also means that it is complicated in its own way.

Some people use green tea instead of simple boiled water and make it a more pleasant experience among other things. It is said that two drops in each eye should be a perfectly sufficient amount. It is said that one more thing these eye drops can help with is Parkinsons disease, which is a huge problem with elderly people and has a devastating effect on the body of the person who has this disease.

There are many people who are ready to try these eye drops, and do not not care about their cost. Most people will be ready to use the Internet to spread the word and even leave reviews for other interested people to read.

Final Thoughts

I might have to give this a try…maybe. If you’re interested or have anyone that’s experienced NGF eyedrops before comment, it’ll really help secure the validity of this blog! And that goes for any nootropic as well. Comment!

Safer alternatives to this might include things like Piracetam and Noopept!


  1. BRYAN
    , 2016-09-13

    Hey Guys…trying to treat RP…retina pigmentosa…keep hearing ngf eye drops are beneficial…DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS?


  2. Edward
    , 2017-03-07

    Do a follow-up on this


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